The only constant is change, and the rate of change is only speeding up. The complexity and uncertainty that comes with change, calls for a very different skill-set for leaders and change agents.

I provide leaders with the capacity to navigate uncertainty and lead processes of change.

Leadership Programs

The leaders are challenged to move from planning, controlling, streamlining and managing – to; with an attentive and present way; lead relations, changes, meaning and action.

I partner with you to improve your leaders’ ability to lead change and navigate uncertainty.

I support leaders to embrace change and develop the mindset, skills and confidence, to lead in complexity and uncertainty – to make sense of what might seem chaotic, and support others in learning and adapting.

I help you to:
  • Form and communicate change.
  • Lead with vision and purpose.
  • Facilitate involvement, co-creation and dialogue.
  • Navigate complexity and uncertainty.
  • Lead creativity, experiments, improvization and learning.
  • Assess cultural beliefs and assumptions, and how they impact our ability to change.
  • Bridge the relationship between strategy and culture.
  • See change as a state, and build a learning organization.