Every company is subject, to survive, to more and more radical transformations and changes, faster and sometimes violent. They have to confront a double imperative: to put agility in the middle of their strategic approach and to be able to absorb essential transformations.

To change is, therefore, a key issue which always leads to the same question: how to get and use at its best the potential of energy of worried collaborators, perhaps even discouraged?

The collaborators’ concern is deep, because employees are also citizens, seeking reassuring visions of the future. In a fragmented and in constant crisis society, the company remains the only institution where the rules are strict but clear and which still allows a true fulfillment, as studies show the strong commitment of employees to their company.

Therefore, the leader as the manager is the central component of all expectations. The company expect him on his capacity to deliver and to face challenges with courage. His collaborators expect him on the meaning, the will, the collective ambition and the self-fulfillment. Most of the time, leaders are not prepared to it and they even have to fight against three straights: the destabilization, the discouragement, the disengagement.

In the meantime, if every employee understands the strategies and objectives, have access to the right information, inspiration and good leadership, they can and will take on almost any challenge and excel.

Through good leadership and communication, the power inside your organization becomes mobilized to make a strategy happen.

Researches have proven that an agile organization is where people buy into the strategy and are allowed to explore and test new ideas and solutions. Leadership and communication are the two most critical elements in developing an agile and more innovative company.

My core profession is to make these two worlds meet. It is to help leaders to reveal their potential of courage, their capacity to give a meaning and their will to expose themselves to free their collaborators’ energies to serve business challenges.